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Lord Meghnad Desai, Professor London School of Economics (UK);   "This book is in the great tradition of American populism. It combines a deep and genuine concern for people with the best scientific practice and technology."

Doug Miller, President of Globescan International, London, UK

"This book not only offers important insights into American public policy, but also explains the scientific method of the serious social researcher."

Rick Smyre, President, Center for Communities of the Future, Gastonia, NC

"Kay understands that the wisdom of citizens can be integrated into decision making with the appropriate use of polling and technology, and offers practical ideas to allow this to occur. He is a significant pioneer whose work is right on target."

Charles Lewis, founder, The Center for Public Integrity, formerly producer for CBS "60 Minutes"

"Kay is a genuine pioneer in public-interest polling, and he has performed a great service to us all."

Prof. Roger Fisher, Director, Harvard Negotiation Project

"Congratulations on Locating Consensus for Democracy!"

John Doble, President, Doble Associates; former Research Director Public Agenda Foundation Englewood Cliffs, NJ,   "Anyone with a serious interest in understanding public opinion about complex issues in a democracy should analyze -- no, study -- this work. I look forward to using his book as a resource for the rest of my career."


Jonathan Dean, former Ambassador, Union of Concerned Scientists, Boston, MA

"A great book, and ultimately an encouraging one, with its demonstration of how the common sense of American Citizens somehow survives the manipulation it receives."


Duane Elgin, Author, Voluntary Simplicity and Awakening Earth, San Anselmo, CA

"Demonstrates that we can sort out our priorities and build a working consensus for our pathway into the future. This is good news!"

Barbara Marx Hubbard, President of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, author, futurist, Santa Barbara, CA,   "Reveals how to make our democracy work by overcoming the "disconnect" between the citizen and the government, by the obvious and clear process of actually finding out what the citizens of this country want."

David Loye, Author, The Healing of a Nation, The Knowable Future, Carmel, CA

"...It is not often these days that one encounters something that goes so to the heart of what ails us and offers an empirically grounded solution. This is a magnificent achievement!"

Hazel Henderson, Author, Building a Win-Win World and Politics of the Solar Age

"Highly recommended!"


Richard C. Harwood, President of the Harwood Group, Bethesda, MA

"Our nation is at a time of great transition in which we are seeking to sort our public values, restrike social compacts, and rethink who we are and what we want to become. Locating Consensus for Democracy shines a bright light on these challenges and how we might address them."

Sidney Hollander, Jr., past president AAPOR

"An important book - provides a vision of service to political democracy."

Elise Boulding, Professor Emerita of Sociology, Dartmouth College

"Alan Kay has made five discoveries that make Locating Consensus for Democracy one of the most important books of a troubled decade."


William O. Chittick, Political Scientist, The University of Georgia

"Locating Consensus for Democracy challenges both the nation's political representatives and it's media representatives to put the question "Who represents the American people?" to a test. That test takes the form of public-interest polling that goes the extra mile in making sense out of public opinion."

Senator Alan Cranston (Democrat, California, 1968-1992)

"A wry look at the way politics and the democratic process work (and don't work) by a thoughtful and experienced citizen who suggests important ways to improve it all."


Gordon Davidson and Corinne McLaughlin, Co-Directors of the Center for Visionary Leadership; Authors, Spiritual Politics and  Builders of the New Dawn

"A book of major importance."


Stephen L. Elkin, Professor of Government, University of Maryland

"A very important book on the intelligence of the citizenry with regard to major issues of public policy."

Ted Becker, Professor of Political Science, Auburn University

"The method in this book is innovative and rigorous. The data is persuasive. For those truly committed to helping forge a new, more participatory American democracy in the 21st century."

Chad Alger, Professor of Political Science, Ohio State University

"This book is required reading for all who believe that accuracy in representing, and in reporting, the opinions of the people is an essential foundation for democracy."

Winston Franklin, late President, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Sausalito, CA

"With a combination of public-interest polling and expert policy analysis this book offers a realistic plan to reintroduce the collective wisdom of the people into our governing process.  I knew and worked closely with George Gallup Sr. back in the sixties. He was a true believer in public-interest polling and would be appalled if he could see how opinion polling is used today."

David Gershon, Author and Director, Global Action Plan, W. Hurley, NY

"A dedicated and remarkable job helping create a new tool for American citizenship. This book represents the power that an informed citizenry can have in creating a truly democratic society."

Mark Gerson, Author, Director of the Campaign for Common Ground

"I found Locating Consensus for Democracy, to be incredibly valuable. Can't think of a better starting point for renewing democracy than his extraordinary data."

Fred Steeper, Pollster for President George W. Bush and the first President Bush, says of author Kay,   "I worked with Alan Kay for over a decade. The experience taught me a side of public opinion I might not have otherwise appreciated.

I have worked with no one more dedicated to finding out the true issue positions of the public. He is to be greatly commended for showing the way to the democratic consensus that does, indeed, exist out there."

Jonathan Ortmans, President, Founder, Public Forum Institute, Wash. D.C.

"Kay proves to have taken landmark steps on the road towards improving democracy in the future. His willingness to fight such an exhausting uphill battle on behalf of the entire country should supply inspiration to all would-be reformers and garner applause from an indebted public. A must read for any of us involved in citizen engagement."

Jack Mendelsohn, Minister Unitarian-Universalist Association, Boston, MA

"A decade ago, Alan Kay decided to stop simply gnashing his teeth and do something. That something is dramatically, engagingly, and fulsomely documented in the ten-year U.S. experiment Locating Consensus for Democracy. It richly deserves the lofty designation "seminal"."

David Mathews, past President, Kettering Foundation, Dayton, OH

"Alan Kay has correctly identified a disconnect between the public and institutions and the need for citizens to make choices on major issues of the day."

Michaela Walsh, founder and trustee of Woman's World Banking, New York

"Gives us a new and valuable set of tools for assuring that the voice of the American voter truly represents his and her PUBLIC INTEREST."


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