Life of Alan F. Kay
"What threatened happiness in early retirement (age 54) was -- wake up if you haven't noticed -- the sorry state of the world around us. Far more valuable than any further business role, pursuing public policy and working for the public interest, has brought spiritual riches to me and hopefully aid and comfort to everybody on the planet." Alan F. Kay


1944-1952 Early Experiences

WWII Draftee
Japanese Interpreter
Military Intelligence
Tokyo 1946
Sports Reporter
Boston's two largest papers
PhD Scholar
Engineering, Mathematics

1952 - 1979 WORKED AS

Mathematician <=> Scientist <=> Engineer <=> Entrepeneur <=>
Technological Innovator <=> Inventor <=> Business Executive

TRG Inc. Military R&D 1951-1963

Computer modeling, stealth technology, communications, navigation, reconnaissance, radar, sonar, nuclear shielding, missile guidance. Products: atomic clocks, lasers, antennas, microwave front ends

AutEx Inc. Founder/CEO 1963-1979

(first e-commerce company) Provided businesss-to-business "marketplace" systems for industry and financial services markets, profitable beginning 8/1/69. Now these systems would be called "e-commerce intranets". Included email before Arpanet, the precursor of the Internet, sent its first test messages.

1979 - 2001 LIFE CHANGES

Socially-Responsible Investor Author Public Policy Maven Social Innovator